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Dear Reader, 

It’s is my pleasure to professionally introduce Sadie Grace Lipomanis. Sadie came to us with exceptional drive, directly asking what she could do to elevate within our agency. Her passion for her craft is undeniable, she invests all of her time and energy into every task she’s challenged with. 

Sadie’s professionalism is unquestionably ahead of her years. She meticulously prepares before every project, something many aspiring artists her age struggle to do.   

Sadie decided she would be successful in this industry far before she let anyone tell her if she could. A trait that can not be taught, a trait others are drawn to, and inspired by. 

Sadie is in all aspects of the word, an inspiration. 

Social New York family is proud to recommend Sadie Grace Lipomanis as a talented, hard working, promising actress.

Laura Randall


2 Park Ave, FL 20 I New York, NY 10016


P: 917.848.2132

To whom it may concern,

I have had the privilege of working with Sadie Lipomanis on various occasions, the most impactful being my time directing her on the set of “The Hurt We Share”. As with most of the talent on set, Sadie arrived to give her best efforts and make the best film we possibly could. Sadie’s positive energy was radiant on and off set. One of the most challenging task we asked of Sadie, run downhill in high heels, was met with enthusiasm and excitement while professionally addressing her safety concerns. It was extremely easy working with Sadie from personality to talent and I would absolutely recommend.

Vega Montanez



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